Kingdom Living Report, Outreach Saturday 9th July 2022

Thank you to all of the amazing, wonderful people who attended the Kingdom Living Outreach on Saturday 9th July 2022.

Outreach team refreshments before day end
Outreach team refreshments before day end

Words of encouragement picture table outside Tesco's
Words of encouragement picture table outside Tesco’s

Words of encouragement picture table outside Tesco's main entrance
Words of encouragement picture table outside Tesco’s main entrance

Sunny day outside Tesco's
Sunny day outside Tesco’s

Outreach discovering God's hidden treasure at Rotherhithe Festival
Outreach discovering God’s hidden treasure at Rotherhithe Festival

Short Summary of Encounters

We started the day at 11:00 – 11:30 with Worship led by Ela Kalicka. This time on keyboard, not the usual ukulele. She has a beautiful singing voice and releases her first album this week.

We also welcomed some new joiners from Holy Trinity Brompton (HTB) Alpha and Eastgate Church.

Then we listened to Holy Spirit (HS) for prophetic words to provide some guidance for our encounters on the streets.

We are unable to give the names of people we encountered due to privacy. But often HS gives us the names of the people we will discover. Here is a short summary.

Many people showed interest in our picture table with the associated words of encouragement provided by HS through us. We asked them to choose a picture that stands out for them. We then listen to HS for words of encouragement associated with the picture.

In many cases, our words had meaning for the people we encountered.

Our role is to brighten up people’s day in a relaxed way, spreading hope, love, peace and joy. HS wants to highlight to all of us the good in our hearts, helping us to discover our true potential.

Many people allowed us to pray for them too.

One lady was sitting by a stall selling stuff. She picked a butterfly picture and told us she had left her 4 year old thousands of miles away, coming to the UK to make money for her family. We prayed for her and she seemed very pleased with her encounter with HS.

Another lady said she had just been to the Glastonbury Festival and was very interested in what we were doing. She was searching for truth and, as a result of her encounter with HS, is now keeping in contact with us.

We met a singer at the bandstand in the park. He was singing opera, then Mark gave him a word from HS, so he sang us a Gospel song (he was from a Gospel choir).

We witnessed to a Spanish lady who gave her life to God.

And many other encounters were had, too many to list here.

So, another good outreach day was had, where we were able to encounter others and bring the Kingdom into the Surrey Quays and Canada Water community.

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